Who We Are


Humanist Risk Management Consultants (HRMC) provides a truly bespoke risk management service, grounded in direct experience of corporate and humanitarian operations. This is done from a senior management perspective deeply rooted in a humanist person-centric approach and a fundamental belief that managed risk is necessary for growth.

HRMC offers a viable means by which organisations can achieve a high level of organisational risk resiliency that will meet and exceed current standards of due diligence and duty of care.

HRMC approaches risk management from the primary perspective of organisational function.

Organisations delivering humanitarian and development services, increasingly recognise that due diligence and duty of care are not only applicable but required in every aspect of operations.

Whether considering the implications of large scale fraud or diversion of organisational resources or the consequences of a staff injury or kidnapping – organisations must be risk resilient.

HRMC believes that while issues such as individual safety and security are important, they are best addressed by a functional organisation, operating from a robust risk resilient position. Fundamental to this is the ability for an organisation to demonstrate the core capacities of flexibility and continual learning and development. It is the health of the organisation that fundamentally determines the security and wellbeing of the staff and ultimately the effectiveness of the organisation in achieving its goals and objectives.

HRMC approaches risk management from the primary perspective of organisational function. It has consistently been our experience, that while organisations are focused on the outcome of a risk management failure, the precedents are almost always rooted in an organisational dynamic that was either unrecognised or ignored.

HRMC delivers service through three core elements:

1 - Training and capacity building.

2 - Information gathering and analysis.

3 - Organisational support in the event of a crisis.

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