Whether considering the implications of large scale fraud or diversion of organisational resources or the consequences of a staff injury or kidnapping – organisations must be risk resilient.

Frans Barnard


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Humanist All Hazards Risk Management


Approaches risk management from the primary perspective of organisational function. It has consistently been our experience, that while organisations are focused on the outcome of a risk management failure, the precedents are almost always rooted in an organisational dynamic that was either unrecognised or ignored.

Organisations delivering humanitarian and development services, increasingly recognise that due diligence and duty of care are not only applicable but required in every aspect of operations.

It is the health of the organisation that fundamentally determines the security and wellbeing of the staff and ultimately the effectiveness of the organisation in achieving its goals and objectives.

• UN Group of Experts - UN SECURITY Council

• Security Advisor - Life Peace Institute 

• NGO Security Programmes

• Danish Refugee Council


Graham Mathieson


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Humanist All Hazards Risk Management


Extensive background in complex operational planning and building risk management structures to allow for operations in highly restrictive areas.
Motivated by the desire to develop evidence based individual and organisational decision making, rooted in a humanist versus structuralist philosophy of action. Understanding that while structure is inevitable and necessary, the development of reflective practitioners - individuals who can problem solve and make good decisions while under pressure - is the critical component for organisations that operate in fluid, unpredictable and occasionally hostile environments. Organisations will always require policy and procedure - reflective practitioners however make the difference between what looks good on paper and what works in the field.

• Save the Children Somalia

• NGO Security Program Somala/Somaliland


• United Nations