Training Overview

HRMC training events create structured experiences that stimulate learning as participants are required to engage their heads, hands and critically their hearts. Participants are guided through experiential activities and scenarios designed to develop and improve competencies in soft skills

An HRMC training experience focuses on the development of Reflective Practitioners – simply put – people capable of identifying critical information, synthesising it and developing appropriate responses to the situation. This is done through the use of experiential activities. HRMC does not use PowerPoint or lecture notes. The training experience is dynamic, immersive and fully engages participants.


Stage 1: Experiential activities

Build essential, technical and interpersonal skills necessary for secure operations in hostile environments. participants will discuss the role of personal and organisational risk management in order to better understand its purpose....  Go>


Stage 2: Bridging Process versus Activity

A central feature of our training process is the ability to challenge “security expert thinking”. While experiential activities change from situation to situation – the core Process of problem solving and decision making remains constant...  Go>


Stage 3: Putting it all together

Training is only as effective as the ability of participants to transfer their learning experience into the reality of their lived reality. The training culminates with a simulated field mission where participants are required to negotiate a series of scenarios...  Go>