Organisational Support


HRMC currently runs a broad spectrum of risk management and leadership development training as well as a range of support options for organisations operating in complex and often kinetic environments worldwide. HRMC has extensive experience training groups where English is not a first language. This reality whether in Afghanistan, Yemen or Somalia has contributed significantly to the development of a training methodology that bridges language, culture and experience to ensure that all participants gain the very most from each interaction.

Capacity Building

Organisations delivering humanitarian and development services, increasingly recognise that corporate sector concepts of due diligence and duty of care are not only applicable but mandatory in every aspect of operations. Regardless of organisational activity, whether finance, logistics, human resources or programming, all are integral components in which due diligence and duty of care responsibilities become an organisational imperative. Risk management therefore becomes a core element by which due diligence and duty of care is demonstrated.

Assessment, troubleshooting

At HRMC we practice what we preach. Our team regularly travels to field offices to provide assessments, advice, crisis management, or trouble shooting.